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Founded in 1952 by engineer Antonio Gentile for designing and building electrical systems for relevant works, the company Sieme, after more than 50 years, continues to be a reference for innovation and quality in the national plant design. The skills acquired in research and technology in the design, construction and maintenance of electric energy plants and telecommunications plants, in industrial sectors and highly specialized, make it a leader.

Offering modern and avant-garde technical solutions, aimed in saving energy and protecting the environment, through European certification requirements, is the element of SIEME’s reliability, today internationally competitive.Achievements reached also through the training of technical personnel, constantly updated, thanks to the flexibility of operating staff, and technologically advanced equipments.

The company designs and builds large installations and is able to manage its maintenance. Examples are the new technological power of regeneration (TIG 5MW), that uses alternative sources, made in some cases, for hospitals, using the formula of the project financing.
SIEME’s is able to intervene in different areas, from Electromechanical to the high specialization Industrial Technology : design, construction and maintenance of electrical, heating and air conditioning networks, energy supply and management through the use of modern technologies.

National important points of reference certify the reliability of SIEME: Enel, Telecom, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Culture, University of Naples, University of Catanzaro “Magna Graecia” (for the hospital plant design, operating rooms and groups of co-generation), the Theatre of San Carlo in Naples (for integrated systems of theatrical and technical lighting), Italian Aerospace Research Centre (for managing and maintenance in global service of special equipments and technologically advanced).